BNSF Emulator on your iPhone

Here are some instructions on how to get the BNSF Emulator on your iPhone. Very Simple and Easy!

First an explaination on what the program does.

Its a free app store program which when installed on your iPone and Home computer.  When you go and hit login it actually goes straight to your home computers desk top and run the mouse and other options from the iphone.  You then go and hit your icon of sort,  however you get onto bnsf mainframe. I personally click one icon in the quick launch task bar and a macro runsto where I want it to stop. (Instructions further down if needed)


1. Go to apps on iphone and search TEAMVIEWER FREE and download.

2  Go to   on home computer download and install version appropriate to your computer.  This is the full version free. Further iinformation and tips are on this site.

3. Open the app on your desktop after install.  Run through the setup. You probably want to change the password to somthing you like...quick and easy. Keep the program open.

4. Open the app in your iPhone put in TeamViewer ID number from your desktop, you'll be prompted to put in your password that you used and if the check mark at the bottom of your iphone is green hit connect. for most connections its very quick, on EDGE its a little slower but still works good. 

5. From there you just play with the OPTION setting to however you'd like them. Any problems call me ! 218-390-2580


1. Take this address:,enhanced,default,,&WCP_USER=&action=switch.html Copy and Paste or Drag to your desktop. Then drag to Quick launch task bar done.That gets you to the BNSF black & green screen.

2. On that screen go to  File > Macro Rec/Play > Record Macro.  Type in what ever name you'd like hit enter enter.

3. Login normal like you do on property.  When you get to the main page we have to change the location tube.

4. Go to 8 enter > 14 enter and type Superior  WI .  In Office code type  01  Hit enter then pf12.

5. From there go to wherever you'd like the macro to stop. ( for example: the ex brd line or supwest line whatever u like)

6. Go back to top of page File > Macro Rec/Play > Stop Recording.

7. Go right back up to ...... File > Macro Rec/Play > Save Macro File.

8. Go to Edit > Preferences > Startup Macro.

9. On Macro Operations box select your Macro you made in the "Select Macro for startup list box". Hit Add then OK.  Your Done !

Below are a few snap shots of the program.

This is absolutly FREE and is the Full version without the commercial license which is a few things for main server crap we dont need.                            ENJOY !




Thanks to Tom Miner for providing the how-to!