Dear Mr. Pierce

This is in reference to our conference on June 29, 2007 wherein we discussed application of Article 11 of the June 26, 2007 BLET/BNSF On Property Agreement to the "10/5" Pool at Superior, Wisconsin.

It was understood in conference that due to the unique operation of the mandatory rest days in the 10/5 Pool, it is necessary that certain provisions of Article 11 not be applied to this specific Board 101. Accordingly, Section S(1) and S(2) of Article 11 will not be applicable to the turns assigned to the 10/5 Pool at Superior, WI, Board 101. Instead, vacation vacancies of 7 days or more on Board 101 will continue to be filled consistent with Section R of Article 11, which was the same method used prior to the 2007 On Property Agreement.

All other provisions of Article 11 will apply to the 10/5 Pool, including the 9:00 am start time for rest days, vacations and for board adjustments described in Sections T and U of Article 11.

If you concur with the above criteria, please signify your concurrence in the space provided below.


Randy Luther