Mr. J. J. Fleps
Vice President, Labor Relations
Burlington Northern Santa Fe
3000 Continental Plaza
777 Main St.
Fort Worth, TX 76 102-5384
June 19, 1996

Dear Mr. Fleps:

This will confirm our understanding reached concerning a trial period for fourteen hours rest at the home terminal.

Without diminishing any existing rules concerning engineers requesting additional rest at the home terminal, the following provisions will apply to engineers in pool service.

1. An engineer in pool service tying up at the home terminal, who has accumulated eight or more consecutive hours chargeable to the Hours of Service Law, including continuous time trips of eight hours or more, may elect to have fourteen hours rest at the home terminal and upon notification to the crew caller the rest period must be granted.

2. An engineer desiring fourteen hours rest under this agreement must notify the crew caller at the time the engineer ties up.

3. The fourteen hour rest period granted pursuant to this agreement cannot later be revoked by the engineer or taken away by the Carrier.

4. It is understood that engineers taking fourteen hours rest pursuant to this agreement may be run around by following engineers without penalty during the fourteen hour period.

The parties agree that the terms of this agreement may be implemented on a trial basis during the ratification period. Upon ratification by the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers this agreement will become effective, August 20 1996 and will remain in effect subject to cancellation by either party signatory hereto giving thirty (30) days notice to the other.