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An engineer who has been permanently assigned on the same engineer assignment in excess of thirty (30) days will be allowed to give up that assignment and exercise his seniority as prescribed by current schedule rules.

Engineers will not be allowed to exercise seniority within the same pool. When an engineer under this article bumps from road service to yard service, he must stay in yard service at that terminal for a minimum of thirty (30) days, seniority permitting.

This agreement will become effective on , 1996, and will remain in effect until modified or changed in accordance with the provisions of the Railway Labor Act, as amended.

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FOR THE CARRIER                                               GENERAL CHAIRMAN, BLE


January 8, 1997
File: 30 Day Bump


Dear Sirs and Brothers:

This is to advise that the Thirty (30) Day Bump agreement proposal was approved by a margin of 21 votes “For” and 17 votes “Against” with three (3) Divisions not voting. A tally sheet is enclosed.

We expect to make the agreement effective on February 1, 1997 and you will be provided with fully executed copies as soon as the appropriate signatures have been obtained. As a matter of interest, this office has received inquiries as to when a person’s 30 day bump would be activated, i.e., 48 hours after a bid sheet change, at the regularly scheduled time of day when board changes are regularly made, or at some other time. Having considered the inquiries, it is the position of this office that the bump would be applied as follows:

Engineers desiring a bump under this rule must file a new bid sheet which identifies that a 30 day bump is desired and must have occupied that job for at least 30 calendar days. Simply put, the 30 day bump move cannot actually be made until the 31st day. Such bid sheet will become effective 48 hours later (700 Rules) and the bump will be effective at the time of day recognized as the time when board changes are made at the location.

EXAMPLE: On the 10th day of the month at 2:50 AM, Engineer D files a new bid sheet requesting a bump under this rule. The bid sheet will be effective at 2:50 AM on the 12th, but the regular board change for that location is done at noon. Therefore, the engineer’s 30 day bump will be made at (or as near as practicable) to noon on the 12th.

Trusting this apprises you of the status of this matter and its intended application, I remain



Question and Answers

Q-1 How does an engineer notify crew management of the desire to make a 30 day bump?

A-1 An engineer must indicate on the prescribed form that s/he desires to make a “30 day bump.” The forms will be provided by the carrier.

Q-2 When will an engineers 30 day bump request become effective?

A-2 The request will be effective 48 hours after submitted (dated and time stamped received). The actual bump, however, will be made at the regularly scheduled board change time and day at the engineers current location.

Q-3 May a road engineer who has exercised a 30 day bump to the yard mark to temporary vacancies in other than yard service during the thirty day period?

A-3 No. Not within the thirty day yard period.

Q-4 Can that same engineer (Question 3) move to a road job within that period if such engineer is the senior engineer requesting it on his permanent bid?

A-4 No. Not within the thirty day yard period. 

Q-5 In the event that same engineer (Questions 3 and 4) is displaced from a yard assignment, may such engineer then displace to a road job while junior engineers remain on yard jobs?

A-5 No. During the thirty day period the engineer must exhaust seniority to jobs in yard service held by junior engineers at that terminal.

Q-6 If the engineer in Question 5 cannot hold any yard position at that location, will the engineer be placed according to his permanent bid sheet?

A-6 Yes.

Q-7 What requirements apply to an engineer in yard service who desires to exercise a 30 day bump to other than yard service?

A-7 An engineer must have been in yard service, on one or more yard assignments at that terminal, for a period of thirty (30) or more consecutive days.

Q-8 Assume that an engineer is assigned to an assignment which by agreement is not subject to displacement for a specified period of, for example, six (6) months. Can an engineer occupying such a position exercise a 30 day bump off of such job before the end of the six month period?

A-8 No. The thirty day bump rule does not apply to jobs which are restricted by agreement from seniority moves for a specified period.

Q-9 Can an engineer exercise a 30 day bump to displace an engineer on an assignment that is restricted by agreement from seniority moves for a specified period?

A-9 No.

Q-10 What effect does this agreement have regarding existing “Sadie Hawkins” day agreements?

A-10 Such agreements are suspended during the period while this 30 day bump agreement is in effect.

To execute the 30 Day Bump you must...

  1. Change your job selection sheet to reflect the change.
  2. Fax a statement that you wish to exercise a 30 day bump to the following number
  3. Follow through with a call to the VRU (option for crew specialist) to verify they received your faxed request.
  4. Understand that 30 day bumps take place on our board change day (Tuesdays).
    Noon on Sunday is the deadline for the next Tuesday.

This does not preempt your being selected if other board changes occur. You must also remember that if you exercise a 30 day bump to the yard, you are exempted from road TV's for that 30 day period. The opposite is true if you move from yard to road.