Jason Ringstad
General Director-Labor Relations
BNSF Railway Co.
2600 Lou Menk Drive
P. 0. Box 961030
Fort Worth, TX 76 16 1-0030
February 26,2008
Re: Force Assignment
Deadhead Mileage


Dear Jason,

This is in reference to our recent conference wherein we discussed existing application of our agreements governing deadhead payments and mileage reimbursement for those demoted engineers who are force assigned to engineer positions at other than the location that they are working as demoted engineers.

It was understood in conference today that all demoted engineers who are force assigned to permanent vacancies as engineers at locations other than the one where they were working demoted will be allowed the one way deadhead from their demoted location to the new location of the force assigned position with the deadhead paid in accordance with Section 2 of Article VI- "Deadheading" of Arbitration Award 458.

It was also understood that so long as the force assigned engineers utilized their personal automobile to travel to the new location, they would be allowed mileage reimbursement at the mileage rate in effect at the time of the force assignment. If the forced engineer remains at the forced location until being released from the force pursuant to existing agreements and then travels by personal automobile back to the original location, mileage reimbursement at the mileage rate then in effect will also be allowed. This will apply to all engineers who make a start at the location forced to with no other documentation required.

Those engineers who mark up and make themselves available at the location forced to, but are released prior to making a start, will be allowed the one way deadhead payment described above. However, they will not be allowed the mileage reimbursement to the forced location or return unless they show that the mileage was actually incurred by providing a legible receipt for fuel from the location forced to. In either event, engineers who voluntarily bid from the forced location to another engineer position at a different location will not be allowed the return mileage. If this reflects your understanding of our discussions, please indicate so by signing below.