NP Road Switcher Agreement - Nov 2006


This Memorandum is a result of our recent reference concerning BLE/BN Labor Agreement BN 4-14-1988, OPS 1-88 (Road Switcher) Pursuant to Section 3 of OPS 1-88 Side Letter dated March 31, 1988, the parties met to discuss the terms and conditions of the recently ratified Road Switcher Agreement for Conductors and Brakemen on the former Northern Pacific Properties dated August 15, 2006.

During our conference, we reached the following understanding: Effective beginning August 15, 2006, Road Switcher rates of pay (5-day yard rates) in effect for engineers on July 1, 2006, operating on former NP territory, will be increased by 12.5 %. All permanent General Wage Increases and COLA increases derived from existing or subsequent BLET National or On Property Agreements pertaining to 5-day yard rates will then be computed and applied to these new daily rates in the same manner prescribed for a typical GWI or COLA. Earnings paid on these assignments between August 15, 2006 and the date of implementation (except the in lieu of eating payments described below) will be re-grossed to reflect the terms of this settlement.

These assignments will also be allowed 30 minutes in lieu of eating at this new rate of pay. Engineers in this service will be expected to carry a lunch and the Carrier will not be obligated to provide a meal period; however, the 30 minutes will be payable whether the crew is instructed to take a. road meal or not. It is also understood that local agreements which provide for these payments exceeding 30 minutes in lieu of taking a meal will continue, including those locations that have local meal agreements which now apply to other than road switcher assignments.

It was also understood at our conference that engineers assigned in this Road Switcher Service will not have assignment limits exceeding those limits assigned to other members of the crew.