Ore Pool Dog-catch Agreement

Letter of Agreement
Burlington Northern Santa Fe R.R.
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers

It is agreed upon by the engineers working in taconite service (Ore Pool) at Superior, Wi. (Allouez, Wi) to allow all dog-catches (hours of service relief crews) to be called from the engineers extra board and in so doing no runaround claims will be allowed to the Ore Pool crews.

This agreement will be for a test period of sixty (60) days and will continue in effect at the end of that sixty (60) day period if both parties agree. Either party may cancel this agreement with five (5) days written notice to the other party.

This agreement will become effective March 13th, 2000.

Signed at Superior this 13th day of March, 2000

For Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers          For Burlington Northern Santa Fe R.R.

Questions & Answers

Question #1. If the proposal were in effect and the engineers extra board was depleted, where would the source of supply fall to for dog-catches?

Answer #1. The source of supply would be as per schedule rule.

Question #2. How many additional men on the engineers’ extra board do you anticipate this proposal would require?

Answer #2. I do not think this proposal would require any additional men. The normal number of turns in Ore Pool is six with both taconite plants at full production. I believe there would be one less crew than normal with dog-catches going to the extra board. 

Question #3. If an All- Rail train needed to be dog-caught west of Brookston, Mn. on the Casco or Lakes subdivisions, would the call go to the engineers’ extra board or to a 10/5 pool crew that would take the train to Northtown?

Answer #3. There would be no change. The call would to the engineers’ extra board west of Brookston, Mn.