Overtime and Short Turn Around Service


March 7,2007
File. Turn Around Service
Trip Rated Pools

Dear Sirs and Brothers:

As many of you may be aware this Committee has been engaged in ongoing discussions with the Carrier regarding the application of overtime to trip rates when turn-around service is included in the service protected by trip rate pools. Previously the Carrier had taken the position that on some turn-arounds, where longer distances were traveled, that on those turn-arounds the overtime after eight-hour provision did not apply.

Attached you will find a settlement which resolves this matter. This settlement provides that in any pool where a single trip rate is allowed for a single or combination of turnarounds, which may or may not then be combined with a deadhead to the home terminal, that in those instances overtime does commence after eight (8) hours on duty, plus any overtime extender, regardless of the distance traveled.

This settlement does not have application where a terminal to terminal and return flip-rate IS allowed for the turn-around service. The Carrier has also agreed to settle all claims of record in the same manner

D.R. Pierce
General Chairman
801 Cherry Street, Suite 1010
Ft. Worth, TX 76102
February 12,2007
File: Turn Around Service
Trip Rated Pools

Dear Mr. Pierce

This is in reference to our conference on February 1, 2007 wherein we discussed application of the "overtime after 8 hours" provisions of our March 28, 2005 settlement concerning turn around service in trip rated pools. In conference we reached the following understanding.

As all engineers paid to perform turn around service in a trip rated pool at the home terminal or away from home terminal share a common trip rate, regardless of the mileage that they actually traverse in turn around service, they will also be allowed "overtime after 8 hours" plus the applicable overtime extender regardless of the mileage actually traversed in turn around service. This to apply regardless of the nature of the turn around service performed or the equipment handled so long as the service includes one or more turnaround trips, or one or more turn around trips coupled with a deadhead to the home terminal. This will not apply to engineers who make trips home terminal to away from home terminal and return to the home terminal receiving a"flip rate" payment unless those engineers are already entitled to overtime after 8 hours.

This understanding will be applicable going forward and to all similar and analogous claims properly processed for overtime after 8 hours in turn around service. If you concur with the above criteria, please signify your concurrence in the space provided below.