Rules/Training Class Compensation

General Chairman's cover letter

October 15, 2001
File: Rules/Training Class

Dear Sirs and Brothers:

Enclosed you will find a recent letter of understanding, entered into by former General Chairman Geiger, addressing compensation for attending periodic training and instruction classes. The primary change from previous handling is for those engineers assigned to guaranteed extra boards when required to attend classes. The new understanding allows payment of a basic day for each day attending class, with no deduction in the number of guarantee days on the extra board for attending the class. This resolves the previous issue of tracking lost wages, as well as days removed from the board for guarantee purposes in previous handling.

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Letter of Understanding

September 17, 2001

Mr. W. Geiger, Jr.
General Chairman, BLE
801 Cherry St., Suite 1010
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Dear Mr. Geiger:

This letter is in reference to recent discussions concerning compensation for Locomotive Engineers required to attend periodic supplemental training and instruction classes as agreed to in Memorandum of Agreement signed April 4, 1994 (Guaranteed Extra Board Agreement) and Memorandum of Agreement signed April 24, 1997 (Revised OPS 3-91). From those discussions, the parties agreed that proper compensation is as follows:

Pool turn Engineers (assigned or unassigned) required to attend classroom instructions will be compensated “make whole” if they miss their assignments, or, a basic day if class is attended on their day off.

Extra Board Engineers required to attend classroom instructions will be compensated a minimum of a basic day’s pay at the rate of the last service performed for each calendar day the engineer is required to attend class. It is understood that each calendar day an engineer attends class that day will not offset days marked up and available on the extra board during the payroll period (e.g., each day in attendance will be prorated as if the engineer remained on the extra board during the payroll period.)

If you concur with the above clarification, please indicate by signing in the space provided below and return a copy to the undersigned.

Sincerely yours, 

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