No Spike - Between Superior - Staples & Northtown

1. A no spike agreement has been allowed by the locals representing train and engine crews operating in pool freight service between Superior and Northtown, Northtown and Staples, Superior and Staples.

2. This agreement will cover crews operating trains out of Superior to Staples and out of Northtown to Staples, Staples into Superior.

3. Crews based out of Superior, called for through freight service who are run around between Superior and Staples will be placed on board at Staples or Superior in the same order of called on duty at Staples or Superior.

4. Crews run-around and placed back on the board In the same order they were called with less than six hours left to work, may be run-around by the next out crew with no penalty claim. If a crew has six or more hours left to work, they will be called in their proper turn. If all crews have less than six hours, crews will be called first In first out.

5. Crews used for other than through freight service such as, dog-catch, deadhead or work train, will be covered by existing schedule rules and agreements.

6. It is understood that It will be the conductors responsibility to see that his crew Is property placed upon tie-up at Superior or Staples.

7. This agreement does not modify or change any schedule rules or agreements other than as herein specified.

8. This Memorandum of Agreement becomes effective on the below signed date, and will remain in effect until canceled by any party signatory hereto upon five (5) days written notice to the other parties.

__________________________                                __________________________
Local Chairman                                                       Superintendent Operations

Date Signed

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