Superior CO 1 BK XB Overlay Agreement


This Agreement establishes a scheduled work/rest cycle for employees assigned to the Conductor and Brakemen Extra Boards headquartered at Superior, Wisconsin.

1. Employees assigned to the Conductor and Brakemen Extra Boards will be allocated work/rest cycles by the Carrier at the Carrier's sole discretion. A work/rest cycle is defined as seven (7) consecutive days during which an employee is available for or performs work (the work cycle) followed by three (3) consecutive rest days (the rest cycle).

1.1 An employee who is assigned to the Extra Board and who does not take any uncompensated layoff days during the work cycle will not be required to lay off during the rest cycle and retains the option of taking all or part of the three-day rest cycle. Rest days must be consecutive.

1.2 An employee who desires to lay off during his rest cycle must inform Crew Support of his desire to lay off and the duration of the layoff by 12:01 p.m. on the day preceding the desired time off during the rest cycle.

1.3 An employee who takes an uncompensated layoff day during the work cycle will be required to take off the next set of scheduled rest days. Mark off for such scheduled rest days will occur automatically at 700 a.m. on the first scheduled rest day (or upon tie-up) and markup will occur automatically at 700 a.m. on the day following the last scheduled rest day.

1.4 An employee can observe a personal leave day(s) or a single vacation day(s) during the rest cycle.

2. An employee on this work/rest Extra Board who requests to lay off during the assigned rest window will be laid off during the assigned rest cycle and automatically marked up upon expiration of his rest cycle or lay off time Superior CO I BK XB Overlay Agreement 1 0911 6/05 requested as required in Section 1 above. Rest cycles will begin at 7:00 a.m. or upon tie up from previous duty, whichever is later.

2.1 Employees will not be called to protect service between 12:01 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. on the first rest day. In order to insure that employees in this Pool will have a three full rest days available for each rest cycle, employees called prior to 12:01 a.m. who work into the start of the rest cycle will have their scheduled rest cycle begin upon tie up at the home terminal.

2.2 Employees may return to service before the expiration of the rest cycle provided they comply with any applicable local agreements governing minimum layoff time for the assignment.

2.3 Positions going on work cycle will be available for call for assignments that begin on or after the 7:00 a.m. cycle time.

2.4 If an employee desires additional time off after the allocated rest days, permission for such additional time must be secured prior to the expiration of the rest day.

3. The computation of any applicable guarantee will be governed by the existing agreements at this location.

4. An employee, who marks off completely within his assigned rest cycle(s) and stays marked up during his assigned work cycle, will not be considered to be in violation of any attendance guidelines or policies related to attendance then in effect, regardless of the number of weekend or total days absent. To allow for "emergencies" the employee can take one unpaid layoff in each month, or if the employee remains on the overlay board for three consecutive months, three unpaid days off during any three-month rolling period.

5. When regulation of this board calls for a reduction in the number of turns, the junior employee will be reduced from the pool. If the junior employee owns a work/rest cycle that will remain on the pool, that cycle will be reassigned to the junior employee within the cycle needing reduced. The employee's position on the board will not change when reassigned to a new cycle.

6. Employees exercising displacement rights onto an assignment in this Extra Board must displace the junior employee and will assume the work/rest cycle of the employee or position to which they displace. Superior CO 1 BK XB Overlay Agreement 2

7. This Agreement is designed to provide scheduled time off for employees and meet the needs of service without increasing the economic factors involved.

8. This Agreement may be cancelled by either party serving ten days' written notice on the other party.

9. This Agreement only modifies existing agreements to the extent set forth, and all other schedule rules, agreements and/or other rights remain in effect.

10. Any existing work/rest cycle program agreement applicable to this Extra Board is cancelled simultaneously with the effective date of this Agreement.

This Agreement is effective September 16,2005.



J. D. Fitzgerald
General Chairman


K. J. McGinn
Asst. Vice President - Labor Relations