UTU Trip Rates as provided for in the 2002 UTU National Agreement will be implemented on the Twin Cities Division beginning Thursday, February 16, 2006. Implementation covers Superior pool freight Board 600 protecting service between Superior and Dilworth.

Single tip rate for conductors
Single trip rate for brakeman
Overtime extension for trip
Flip trip rate for conductors
Flip trip rate for brakemen
Overtime extension for trip

= $337.36
= $3 16.95
= 52 minutes
= $669.23
= $628.24
= 11 minutes

Establishment of UTU trip rates eliminates the need to claim the following constructive codes:

IT Initial terminal switching
IZ Initial Zone Time
FT Final terminal switching
17 Initial terminal delay
14 Final terminal delay
IL Initial lite miles
FL Final lite miles
09 Meal enroute
41 Meal enroute
72 Meal enroute
IC Meal enroute
ME Meal enroute
MF Meal enroute
M2 Meal enroute
M3 Meal enroute
M4 Meal enroute
M5 Meal enroute
M6 Meal enroute
10 Intermediate switching
26 Intermediate switching
82 Aggregate station switching
YA Yard runaround
Rate of Service Conversions

This service may be worked as a single trip rate, which is terminal-to-terminal with a tie up for lodging at the away-from-home-terminal, then a single trip rate terminal-to-terminal when returning from the away-from-home-terminal. You must complete two tickets, one for the single trip from home terminal to away-from-home-terminal and one for the away-from- home-terminal return to home terminal. Each trip will be paid a single trip rate.

This service may be worked as a flip trip. A flip trip is when you deadhead either to or from the away-from-home-terminal and return to the home terminal without being released for lodging at the away-from-home-terminal. If you work a flip trip, you must claim Code FR for the flip rate. The pop-up window will prompt the employee for the following information:

Begin station location of fist portion of trip (use numeric station number**)
End station location of first portion of trig (use numeric station number**)
Mode of transportation (codes for type of transport)
Begin station location of second portion of trip (use numeric station number*")
End station location of second portion of trip (use numeric station number*")
Mode of transportation (codes for type of transport)

** There are system edits in place to edit the station number logic. The information shown must be correct for the flip rate to be claimed.

If you work a flip tip and the system has mistakenly generated two tickets for you - a deadhead ticket and a working ticket, please use Code FE on the deadhead ticket to advise Compensation Systems to disregard the deadhead ticket. Then complete the working ticket, using Code FR to record your flip trip.

If an employee creates am override ticket using option (1d), they will be required to enter the home terminal and board number of the service they are protecting before completing the override ticket.

When tying up in the TSS paperless system, please insure that the actual miles field is correct based on your service tip. Employees need to briefly explain their route traversed using code FE, on such trips as rescues, helpers and dogcatches. Any service performed (other than terminal to terminal working) needs to be explained in this manner. Current route codes and miles will be retained if applicable.