(former GN)

This Agreement creates scheduled rest dsys for extra board for switchman at Superior, Wisconsin, as follows:


1. Prior to implementation, the Superintendent and Local Chairman will designate a schedule of rest days for each position on the switchmen's extra board at Superior. The primary criterion will be the needs of service. After the rest days have been designated, each extra board position will be advertised, consistent with rules governing advertisements and when the advertisements close, each extra board position with specifically designated rest days, which will begin at 12:O1 a.m., will be awarded in seniority order.

Example 1: At Terminal A, Sunday through Wednesday are identified as the days of the week with the least demand for extra switchmen. With four extra employees assigned to that extra list, two positions could be assigned SundayMonday rest days. The two remaining positions could have Tuesday/Wednesday rest days.

Example 2: Using the same scenario as Example 1, the extra board is increased by two positions. Following an increase to the extra board, the existing positions will be maintained and the two new positions added with one having SundayMonday rest days and the other with Tuesday/Wednesday rest days.

Example 3: Using the same scenario as Example 1, the extra board is reduced one position. The Carrier will determine which position should be reduced. The employee holding that position will then be entitled to exercise seniority as described in Paragraph 2 of this Agreement.

Example 4: After several additions and subtractions to the board described in Example 1, it is determined that the rest day assignments no longer represent the needs of service. All rest day assignments may be changed. The new positions may be bulletined for the exercise of seniority as provided for in existing Agreements governing assignments of positions at this location.

2. Employees who exercise seniority to this extra board after the initial advertisement may displace to any unfilled position or displace any junior employee assigned to the extra board. Employees displaced in this manner must exercise their displacement rights immediately.

3. In order to observe the rest days assigned to one of the positions on this extra board, the employee must hold the position prior to the beginning of the assigned rest days and when a switchman holds the position prior to the beginning of the rest days, he will be entitled the appropriate compensation.

3.1 A switchman who displaces to a position on this extra board at any time dgring the assigned rest days will not be entitled to observe the rest days and must be available to be called to work.

3.2 An employee who works 6 or 7 days after exercising seniority to a position on this extra board will be paid straight time for the 6th and 7th days he works.

4. Assignment of regular rest days will not reduce, change or modify existing Yardmen's Extra Board Guarantee at this location except as follows.

4.1 An extra board switchman who lays off during his assigned work days will have his guarantee reduced by 1/11th of the maximum payroll, period guarantee for each "day," or portion thereof, that he is laid off in that payroll period.

4.1.1 The term "day" in Paragraph 3.1 shall remain as currently defined in existing extra board agreements applicable to this location (e.g. 24 hour period, midnight to midnight, etc.).

5. Except in an emergency, no extra board employee within the final eight hours of the last assigned work day of an extra employee's work week, will be called for service

5.1 No runaround payment will be due any employee for using an employee not first out on the extra board to comply with Paragraph 5 of this Agreement.

6. Except as specifically provided herein, nothing contained in this Agreement shall be construed as modifying, amending or superceding any of the provisions of schedule agreements between the United Transportation Union and this Company.

7. This Agreement may be cancelled by either party serving ten days' written notice on the other.