Cab Condition Claim (code "cc")

When submitting a CC claim the following information is an absolute must: Engine number, who was notified (Yardmaster, Dispatcher), time of notification, statement that Yardmaster (dispatcher if at site where no yardmaster is available, IE Cass Lake, Staples, GR, Cohasset or KL) told you to depart regardless of CC issue, and time of notification. Also, report defect to mechanical to back up your claim.

Important - to be successful with this type of claim it must be illustrated that the defect was reported; that the claimant was instructed to depart in that condition before the actual terminal departure was made. Make sure to have the conductor enter the times and individuals involved on the delay report, get and keep a copy to support your claim if it is declined.

Click here to review two document from the GC's office on the matter.