Primary recall and decertification

If you should become decertified and you are allowed to mark up as a trainmen during the decertification period the following applies:

It has been ruled that if decertified, you cannot "wipe" your job selection sheet thereby remaining in the trainmen's ranks. When decertified, you can exercise your trainmen's seniority during the decertification period, however at the time when your decertification period expires you will be promoted back to the ranks of engineer and will be assigned per your job selection sheet. If you wipe your job selection sheet while decertified, and you can hold an engineer position during the entire decertification period, you will be forced to the junior engineer position at the location once your decertification period ends.

If you would have been demoted during your decertification period you would then be allowed to wipe your job selection sheet and when your decertification period ends you will be permitted to remain in the trainmen's ranks.

One last item, if you are decertified for over 60 days, and are exercising your trainmen rights, you will qualify for the sign on bonus from the UTU trainmen 1993 contract if you have not collected it previously.