10/5 Vacancy Clarifications.


There has been some controversy and creative use of 10/5 days off when coupled with TV's. If you mark to a TV in the 10/5 pool, the following applies:

If the regular pool holder goes on vacation, and the individual has a known vacancy of seven days or more, and this vacancy touches on both sides of the days off, you should remain on the vacancy. If there is no known vacancy on the return end of the days off, you will be off the TV days off, unless these days off fall within the actual vacancy.


Turn B11 engineer goes on vacation for one week. 0001 on Mon. 7/18, through Sun. 7/24. B pool days off are 7/21 to 7/26 and you mark to the vacancy. You are on TV until 2359 on 7/24. You are on the days off through the 24th because they fall within the actual TV (you do not get to stay on the 25th & 26th days off as these days fall outside of the TV).

Turn C25 engineer goes on vacation on 7/18 for one week ending on the 24th at 2359.
Turn C25 engineer has pre approved PL days for 7/25 & 7/26.
Turn C25 is on days off from 7/27 to 7/31.
Turn C25 engineer goes on another week vacation on 8/1 to 8/7 at 2359.

If you mark to the TV on 7/18, you should remain on it through 8/7.

Now let us add that turn C25 takes another three floater vacation days (pre approved and known) on 8/8, 8/9, & 8/10. Turn C25 goes on days off on 8/11 to 8/15. Turn C25 engineer is known to return for service on 8/16 at 0001. If you mark to the TV on 7/18 you should remain on it through 8/10. You cannot assume that the days off (8/11 to 8/15) are included. The reason being is that the C25 engineer is marked up on 8/10 at 2359, and no further known vacancy exists.

Now say turn C25 engineer is scheduled to return from days off on 8/16 at 0001, under the above scenario (actually marked up on 8/10 at 2359).

At 0200 turn C25 engineer puts in for two more floater vacation days and is approved. You are still released on 8/10, account of the two floater days were not part of a known vacancy. To remain on the days off, they have to fall entirely within the known vacancy.