Here are instructions to set up the emulator to be painless. **Print them out** Whenever you see % press the spacebar, <enter> means press "enter"when you get to step (8) you are typing "superior, space bar, wi, zero, one"

1. Navigate to\emu
2. click "start emulator"
3. click "ok" on the 30 minute reminder.
4. type "lineup" tab "crew" tab spacebar.
5. should be looking at the black emulator screen now.       

            ***MACRO PORTION***

 6. click "file", mouse over "Macro Rec/Play", click "Record Macro".
7. record macro box pops up, click in white part and type "login" or whatever you want to name your macro. <enter>.
8. **** Important **** Type exactly like this as follows: bnsf <enter>
your "b" number <enter>
your password <enter>
nattey% <enter> "8" <enter> "14" <enter> superior%wi01 <enter> F3, 1 <enter>
9. click "File", mouse over "Macro Rec/Play", click "Stop Recording".
10. click "File", mouse over "Macro Rec/Play", click "Save Macro File".
11. click "Edit", mouse over "Preferences", click "Key Maps".
12. click "New Key Command", press number pad zero key. click "ok"
13. click "Edit Key Command", click "Play", select and click the macro name from step 7.
14. click "OK"

Now you could go back to step 1. and drag the link to your desktop with your left mouse button, then all you do is double click the bnsf link, login as usual, except the lineup/crew should pop up automatically with a double click in the login box.

When you reach step 5, just press number pad zero, and it auto logs for you. plus switches it to superior.

If you like, you can record many different macros for different areas. you may even record a macro to go from one area to another.

I have it down to six clicks and one key press to log in deep.
On passwords:

They expire, it is so annoying. Here is what you do. Borrow a boatload of patience, change your password 9 times and then back to what it was. Remember, all your macros are recorded to the original password, and of course wont work otherwise.