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What are a few reasons for trainmen to join BLET Division 290?


Monthly dues for trainmen - those who do not have seniority as an engineers are set at $151.00 Click to see Division 290's dues structure


The BLET can and will aggressively pursue your time claims. We will represent you if you are involved in an investigation and if needed handle your appeal.

When it comes to the pursuit of your time claims Division 290 has an excellent proven track record. Over the years our previous and current local chairmen are credited with collecting tens of thousands of dollars in claims, one of the largest and most notable is the Superior/Dilworth run-through guarantees. Not only did the Division 290 collect guarantees for engineers, we were able to collect for trainmen as well.


While the BLET does not hold the contract for ground service employees, we can and we will work to ensure it is upheld for members of the BLET.

note * Trainmen are not eligible to vote on contract negotiations *


Members of BLET have access to Blue Cross/Blue Shield as well as United Health Care.

New BLET members also qualify for short and long term disability & life insurance through Cornerstone, with no medical check.

If you currently have UTU job insurance and you chose to join the BLET you can obtain the same level of job insurance benefits that you now carry. Other companies that work closely with us such as Brotherhood's Relief and Compensation Fund have agreed to issue job protective benefits equal to or greater than your existing coverage.

Further, any other insurance you have already purchased from UTU, such as UTU Life Insurance, can be maintained as a BLET Trainman.


Our local officers will always will be accessible. As a member of BLET you can rest assured that if you have a question it will be answered in a timely fashion. If your question should require research we will do the checking and we will get back to you with the answer, again in a timely fashion.

We invite you to join the BLET and give us an opportunity to serve you. We feel confident you'll be satisfied with the service we can and we will strive to provide.

For more information contact:

Paul Tribbey

BLET 290 S/T




Download application form to join BLET Division 290

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