Short Turn Around Service

This is a general information bulletin for EVlL Trains and all other "Short Turnaround Service" when called from pool service (Board 101) and covered under "Trip Rate Pay".

Please remember that "Trip Rates" only apply to Pool Service Jobs. If you are called for a 80 board call such as extras and dogcatches with a 80 turn designation, you should not expect to be covered under "Trip Rates" For payroll concerns, this service should be claimed as a mileage component job with a route code 99. In other words claim these calls as you had previously claimed them to payroll.

All "Short Turnaround" service called from Pool Service (Board IOI), is allowed a MS claim for all mileage in excess of 147 miles. Also "Short Turnaround service should be paid all overtime after eight hours and seven minutes on duty.

If you are called for an EVlL Train claim a route code 99 and 245.0 miles.
Also claim a MS code of 98 miles.

Then in remarks note the following:

Request one "Version A" trip rate when called for short turnaround service. In addition request 98 misc. miles as per agreement. These are miles run over the 147.0 miles "Version A' trip rate miles. Called for service Superior, WI to Keenan Yard and return for 245.0 miles as run. 245.0 -147 = 98.0 MS miles.

Also request all overtime in excess of eight hours and seven minutes on duty. If you are called for bare table trains and any other forms of "Short Turnaround Service" please document miles run in excess of 147.0 miles.

The Carrier will most likely cut the overtime request. Please forward these cuts and supply all documentation with the cut, including delay report and pay statement. Remember that you must be notified of "Short Turnaround Service" before departure. If you are called for "Terminal to Terminal Service" and are Short Turned after departure request a "Flip Rate" and explain that you were short turned after departure.

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Overtime and Short Turn Around Service - Letter of Understanding BNSF/BLET-GCOA

Another Letter of Understanding Between BNSF and BLET/GCOA regarding Short Turn Around Serv.