Miles between Saunders and Pokegama, or Steelton

Locations: Miles:
Saunders 00.00
DM&IR begins at 00.38
East lead switch Pokegama 00.7
Pokegama yard office 1.5
West yard switch Pokegama 2.8
West lead switch Pokegama 2.9
Center of Pokegama yard from Saunders: 1.8
Steelton east lead switch (south) 5.6
Steelton west lead switch (north) 6.9
Center of Steelton yard from Saunders 6.2

These miles were verified by Superior Trainmasters and
Local Chairman, per document dated July 19, 1991.

This document can be downloaded by clicking on this link:
DWP Pokegama miles
which is in Adobe .PDF file format.